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A Great Grandmother's Love

By Stephanie H.

A Greate Grandmother's Love Necklace

A Great Grandmother's Love Note

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much my great-grandmother meant to me…. I still think of her as one of the strongest women I know. She grew up with almost nothing but she never complained about it; that’s just how it was and you made it work. She was always warm and loving but at the same time would tell you how it was. She made me this blanket when I was born, I love that thing, I still sleep with it to this day (however, it looks more like a rag than a blanket)… I remember us talking about me getting married one day and she was just like “no man’s gonna want to sleep next to that gross blanket, you need to throw it away” I remember laughing at how matter of fact she was, and she was the one who made the blanket! I was lucky enough to make this charm with her signature before she passed away, at the age of 94. I love that she was able to see it and understand how special she was to me. Whenever I have it on I feel like she’s with me and when I’m unsure or anxious I just have to touch it and I’m instantly relaxed.Each piece of my Heather Moore Jewelry collection has a special meaning to me and represents different people in my life. It's easy to wear and always makes me smile.