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A Lifetime Free Pass

By Michelle P.

Lifetime Free Pass Necklace

My husband, John, is the greatest guy in the world, very thoughtful, bright and sweet; however, he is not the best jewelry buyer. The first time he tried to give me jewelry was when we were dating, and it wasn’t even a piece he had purchased for me… it was something he bought during his past travels in China and was holding onto until he needed a gift for a woman. (We actually ended up wrapping it and giving it to his mother for Christmas that year, so it wasn’t a total loss.) He even asked me to pick out my engagement ring months before he popped the question just to be sure I would say yes.

When the wedding drew closer, we talked about getting presents for each other, and then we loosely decided that we weren’t going to do gifts (even though I had already made him HMJ cufflinks to wear on the big day – he had been asking for a pair since we started dating!). I gave him the cufflinks the night before the wedding, and he adored them, but to my surprise, he had a gift for me as well! He handed me a white gift bag adorned with lots of beautiful ribbon (clearly his mom had wrapped it for him), and as soon as I made my way into the bag, I could see a grey Heather Moore box, a box in which I was all too familiar.

As I opened the box, I was brought to tears when I saw what was inside: an ID tag, yellow gold with a white gold frame stamped with the latitude and longitude of The Ford Plantation (our destination wedding location), and on the other side was all of our special dates (his birthday, my birthday, the day we met, the day we got engaged, our wedding day) surrounded by an additional frame in green gold.

This gift was so amazingly special that I think it gives him a free pass to fumble on every other jewelry gift he will surely attempt in the future. :)