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Anvil Sculptural Charm

Solid gold or silver Anvil charm that is designed to be worn on a necklace. Features a 3-dimensional design that is beautiful from every angle. 

The anvil is the place where worlds are shaped. For smiths, it’s the unyielding altar of forged steel, which, with its solid weight and force, deflects raw materials. As an emblem, it signifies strength and fortitude against the raw emotions of reality and a source of strength… despite repeated blows.

The Sculptural Series
Heather B. Moore has always reflected a deep, personal connection for the wearer. This collection still does that, but in a whole new way. Our new Sculptural Series explores the beauty in symbolism, capturing iconic talismans in chic dimensional forms. While different people may wear the same charm, the beauty lies in the unique stories and memories that lie within. We hope you enjoy this series, and we look forward to designing more charms in the future.

A Handmade Piece
This Heather B. Moore piece is handmade at our studio in Cleveland, OH. We make every piece to order and strive for the highest level of craftsmanship. To learn more about our handmade process, please click here.


heather b moore anvil sculptural series

Yellow Gold Anvil

SKU: FH123935S.73365
heather b moore anvil sculptural series

Rose Gold Anvil

SKU: FH123934S.73364
heather b moore anvil sculptural series

White Gold Anvil

SKU: FH123933S.73363
heather b moore anvil sculptural series

Green Gold Anvil

SKU: FH123932S.73362
heather b moore anvil sculptural series

Silver Anvil

SKU: FH123931S.73361