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Blog posts of '2017' 'July'

Belt Buckle Adventures

I had matching belt buckles made for my fiancé and I – at the time we weren’t engaged. This is our list of adventures (Unites States only) that we had been keeping.

Belt Buckle Locations

Growing Family = Growing Necklace

My first Heather Moore piece was a gift from my husband on our first anniversary. The compass charm notes the latitude and longitude coordinates of the exact spot he proposed - on El Matador beach in Malibu, California at sunset. It's a moment I will NEVER forget!

Growing Family Necklace

My Wedding Day Bracelet

My husband gave me the most stunning Heather Moore cuff as a wedding gift. The yellow gold cuff has Heather Moore's signature brushed finish with scattered diamonds along the top. There are 3 different sizes of diamonds, 10 of one, 8 of another and 16 of the third. They uniquely and beautifully represent our wedding date.

wedding day bracelet