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Stories From Our Customers

Belt Buckle Adventures

I had matching belt buckles made for my fiancé and I – at the time we weren’t engaged. This is our list of adventures (Unites States only) that we had been keeping.

Belt Buckle Locations

Growing Family = Growing Necklace

My first Heather Moore piece was a gift from my husband on our first anniversary. The compass charm notes the latitude and longitude coordinates of the exact spot he proposed - on El Matador beach in Malibu, California at sunset. It's a moment I will NEVER forget!

Growing Family Necklace

My Wedding Day Bracelet

My husband gave me the most stunning Heather Moore cuff as a wedding gift. The yellow gold cuff has Heather Moore's signature brushed finish with scattered diamonds along the top. There are 3 different sizes of diamonds, 10 of one, 8 of another and 16 of the third. They uniquely and beautifully represent our wedding date.

wedding day bracelet


I designed this ID tag after I got this adorable text from my soon to be husband. It says I want to marry you right now, but what he really meant was today. In this day where texts are so quick and temporary this message needed to be permanent and it's such a funny story and really showcases how much fun we have together as a couple.


"I love you more"

My Husband and I are High School Sweet Hearts and since the time we started telling each other "I love You", I started saying "I Love You More" and it became our thing. We race to see who will get to say it. Valentine's Day my Husband went to our usual jeweler to look around and saw this pendent and knew it just had to be mine....

I Love You More Necklace

Cosmo the Gentle Giant

Here is my story, This is our gentle giant, Cosmo. He passed last month, somewhat unexpectedly. He was almost 10, and he lived fully up...

Money Clip with Engraving

A Memorable Heirloom

I purchased this charm as a baby shower gift for my good friend. I liked the idea of giving her a gift that she would have and cherish...

Heirloom Necklace

A Son's Signature

My eight year old son is my heartbeat! He is my only child and growing up faster than I care to admit! I always try to document every important...

Son's Signature Necklace Front

A Special Meaning

Each piece of my Heather Moore Jewelry collection has a special meaning to me and represents different people in my life. It's easy to wear and always makes me smile....

Heather Moore Jewelry Pieces

A Great Grandmother's Love

It’s hard to put into words exactly how much my great-grandmother meant to me…. I still think of her as one of the strongest women I know. She grew up with almost nothing but she never complained about it; that’s just how it was and you made it work. ....

A Great Grandmother's Love Note