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Cosmo the Gentle Giant

By Neil A.

Money Clip with Engraving

Money Clip with Engraving

Money Clip with Engraving

Cosmo the Dog

Here is my story, This is our gentle giant, Cosmo. He passed last month, somewhat unexpectedly. He was almost 10, and he lived fully up until maybe a week before he passed. He had a good life. Unfortunately, after having a lame front leg for about a week, we discovered that Cosmo had osteosarcoma, which is quite common in Rotties and other large breed dogs. I’m sure you have heard of it. If you haven’t, like other cancers, it sucks. The bone literally gets eaten. The only option for us was to medicate him for the pain, but that didn’t work because the medicine made him too sick. We did not want him to suffer. He did not suffer a day in his short 10 years, and we weren’t going to let him now.

Cosmo was beautiful. He was gentle. He was loyal. He even tiptoed in a room when he knew new he had to be quiet – that’s not easy for a 100+ pound dog! He loved people – everyone – except the mailman (trust me, he had reason – he wasn’t very nice to Cosmo!). He once paraded down the street dressed as Thomas the Train on Halloween. He proudly wore that costume, loving the fact that every group of people we saw would come up and pet him. He played with little dogs and big. He loved his sister, Lily who came home to us a few months ago. They wrestled and played until the end. He didn’t like toys much because they took time away from my wife's side. He just wanted to be pet and loved, and to make sure that she was okay. He looked for her always. He liked Syracuse, of course. He didn’t require 1 day of formal training, and yet he came when called, sat when needed, and never did anything naughty (Really! Nothing!).

Even in his last days, limp and all, he climbed the stairs to lay next to my bed on the hard floor. He defined devotion. Anyone who feared large dogs, surely walked away with a changed mind after meeting Cosmo. He is missed. My son is 10 and the night that we lost Cosmo he wanted to send a letter to heaven on balloons. Here is the letter and this is what Heather Moore made for us.. The last picture is the last one with my son Lambros and Cosmo. Thank You Heather Moore for helping my with this for my wife and myself.