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Disaster Relief ID Tag

SKU: CH102449P.74227

Size 2 ID tag available in both sterling silver and 14k gold. This charm is hand stamped with “We Will Overcome” on the front, and latitude and longitude coordinates on the back. 

For each charm that is purchased, Heather B. Moore will donate of portion of the profits to help those affected by the natural disasters that have devastated our county in recent months.

Heather B. Moore will donate $15 for each silver charm, and $30 for each gold charm that is purchased. We are committed to the humanitarian efforts across our country and around the world.

Personalize this charm below with the latitude and longitude coordinates of one of the affected areas, or a location that means something to you. Help us help those who need it the most. 


Southern Florida

Puerto Rico

Find the latitude and longitude for a specific location here.

  1. Metal Type: Select One

  2. Latitude - Max Character Limit: 9

  3. Longitude - Max Character Limit: 9