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Mixed Gold Personalized Square Cuff Bracelet

SKU: CF123041S.68508

3mm yellow gold square cuff with rose gold channel set caps with white diamonds. Hand stamped with a date, initials with a heart, and "and so the adventure begins…" Personalize this bracelet with your information below or call 855-400-5430 to order today.

When personalizing please use the information below to determine which sides you’d like your text to appear

  • Outside: 8 • 31 • 2014
  • Inside: K (heart) A
  • Top: and so the adventure begins…
  • Bottom: Not Shown
  1. Outside - Max Character Limit: 65

  2. Inside - Max Character Limit: 65

  3. Top - Max Character Limit: 65

  4. Bottom - Max Character Limit: 65