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Double Monogram and Date ID Tag

SKU: 79951

Size 4 silver ID tag with a yellow gold frame and yellow gold heart. Hand stamped with two monograms and a date. Personalize this charm with your information below or call 855-400-5430 to order today.

The Tried & True Collection is a selection of pieces that have been designed to give every customer the best part of the Heather B. Moore line–personalization. This collection simplifies personalization without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, and most importantly, the emotional connection you have with a personalized piece of jewelry.

Monogram - Arrange letters in the way you wish them to appear on the charm from left to right.

  1. Left Monogram - Max Character Limit 3

  2. Right Monogram - Max Character Limit 3

  3. Date - Max Character Limit 8