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Remembering my Dad

By Jaeda K.

Remembering My Dad Necklace

Remembering My Dad Necklace Back

I wanted to do something with my father’s signature who passed away when I was16 years old. When I found a card with his handwriting it was very interesting because I realized that I signed my name the same way he did. The back of my ID Tag is hand-stamped with parts of a postcard that he wrote to me and my fourth grade class when he was working in Alaska. I highlighted the parts I wanted to stamp on the charm, and let the Heather Moore studio stamp it off the edge. I chose to document the postcard because my father was always educating me and always spoke to me like an adult. In the postcard he was talking about the permafrost…. what nine year olds know what permafrost is? I wanted my charm to encompass who he was, yet it had to be something I could read without getting too emotional….