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Sanctuary Elephant Bracelet


This award winning bracelet from Heather B. Moore is a dimensional 14mm silver flat cuff that features a marching herd of silver elephants with 14k yellow gold tusks. The tusks are the only element of gold on the entire piece. They are meant to symbolize not only the beauty of these majestic animals, but more importantly, why they are dying out quicker than they can reproduce. On the inside of the cuff are the words, "The Tipping Point," which references the fact that Africa's elephant population is currently at the point where elephants may become extinct in the very near future. The reflective inside surface is a call to reflect on what we all can do to help save these beautiful animals from extinction.

This bracelet has won the Couture Design Award for the Best in Silver category. The Couture Design Awards are known as one of the best jewelry competitions in the world, featuring some of the biggest designers in the industry. This prestigious honor is Heather B. Moore's third win at Couture, and their first in the silver category.