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You Are Limitless Necklace


Yellow Gold You Are Limitless Thick Open Circle $1,160
Size 5 yellow gold thick open circle with a 1 and 1.5mm white diamond. Hand stamped with a small abstract star and, “You are Limitless”

Yellow Gold Oval Charm $1,205
Size 4 yellow gold oval charm with 1 and 1.5mm white diamonds, a rose gold stamped raised heart on the front, and two yellow gold small abstract stars on the back.

Feather Sculptural Charm $420
Solid yellow gold feather charm that is designed to be worn on a necklace. Features a 3-dimensional design that is beautiful from every angle.

Yellow Gold Chain $2,285
4.8mm yellow gold chain that’s 18” long


Oval Charm: 5/8” x 3/4”
Feather: 43mm x 9mm
Open Circle: 11/16


Oval Charm: 14k Yellow Gold
Feather:14k Yellow Gold
Open Circle: 14k Yellow Gold
Chian: 14k Yellow Gold


Oval Charm: 1mm White Diamonds (x5) 1.5mm White Diamonds (x4)
Open Circle: 
1mm White Diamonds (x5) 1.5mm White Diamonds (x3)