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Your Heart Knows the Way Necklace


Yellow Gold Oval Charm $1,205
Size 4 yellow gold oval charm with 1 and 1.5mm white diamonds, a rose gold stamped raised heart on the front, and two yellow gold small abstract stars on the back.

Mixed Metal Adventure Quote Round Charm $640
Size 6 silver round charm with a rose gold frame and 2mm white diamond on the front, and a rose gold hollow heart on the back. Hand stamped with a compass rose and, “Your heart knows the way”

White Pearl Gemstone $80
White pearl ball. Each stone has unique facets and color variations. The stone you receive may vary in shape, color, and/or size.

2mm Silver Chain $45
2mm silver chain that is 18" long.

For more information please contact a customer service representive at 855-400-5430.