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The Finest Personalized Jewelry
Hand stamped and made in Cleveland, OH.

Heather Moore Braclets

Cherish Who You Are®

Heather B. Moore is the finest personalized collection of jewelry. Every letter, number, and symbol is hand stamped one character at a time. We make impressions directly into the precious metals with the moments that have made the biggest impression in your life. We cherish every piece of jewelry as if it’s already an heirloom, because being authentic to one’s true self and having pride in where life has led should be cherished in things that stand the test of time.

remebering my dad
Remembering My Dad
I wanted to do something with my father’s signature who passed away when I was16 years old. When I found a card with his handwriting it was very interesting because I realized that I signed my name the same way he did.
testing story
Saved Text
I designed this ID tag after I got this adorable text from my soon to be husband. It says I want to marry you right now, but what he really meant was today.
Heirloom Necklace
A Memorable Heirloom
I purchased this charm as a baby shower gift for my good friend. I liked the idea of giving her a gift that she would have and cherish forever. I love the idea that someday Eleanor will grown up and have this little heirloom to remember her parents and the day she was born.